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Yesterday, seven youths from Aurangabad were killed in a road accident. The reason was the tyre burst of the car.
P.S: Cases of tyre bursting of vehicles are coming to the fore these days on the newly built expressway, In which many people are losing their lives every day. One day the question came to my mind that why are most of the accidents happening on the most modern roads of the country? And there is only one method of accident and that too only by bursting the tyre. What kind of spikes have been put up on the road by highway builders that everyone's tires burst? The mind has become stormy, so I thought that today we should find out this thing. So gathered to find the team. Listen now. We called a friend for the experiment and we got into the Scorpio SUV (note that the real problem is the flat tire) First we checked the pressure of the cold tire and adjusted it according to international standards which is 25 psi (The same air pressure is kept in the cars of all developed countries When people in our country are not aware of it or they fill the tires with more air than they need to save fuel Which is usually 35 to 45 PSI. Good!! Let's move on now. After this we climbed the four lane and ran the car. The speed of the vehicle was kept at 120 - 140 km/hr After driving the car at such a high speed for two hours, we reached near Udaipur. When we stopped and checked the tyre pressure again, it was shocking. Now the tyre pressure was 52 psi. Now the question arises as to how the pressure of the tire increased so much. So when the thermometer was put on the tire for this, the temperature of the tire was 92.5 degrees Celsius. The whole mystery has now been revealed that the air inside the tires is expanding due to the friction of the tires on the road and the heat generated by rubbing the brakes. The air pressure inside the B2B tire has increased so much. As the air in our tyres was already in line with international standards, they survived the burst. But tyres in which the air pressure is already high (35 -45 PSI) Or a tire that has a cut is more likely to explode. So fix your tire pressure and enjoy a safe ride before heading to the four lane. I also request the Expressway Authority to make drivers aware So that the highway journey does not become the last journey. All your Facebook and WhatsApp friends are requested to share this post as much as possible. By doing so, if you save even one life, your human birth will be blessed. It is essential that an important message reaches everyone.

Raja Sekhar Reddy,
Manadesham Educational Services Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad.